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Research on Parental Alienation

Sue Whitcombe is carrying out a study on parental alienation: the lived experience of alienated parents and is seeking responses from parents who have experience of this.

Parental Alienation is a phrase used within the context of post-divorce and post-separation relationships in which there are children.  The term refers to the intentional or unintentional actions, most usually by the parent with care, which turn their child or children against the non-resident parent.  It is sometimes referred to as “implacable hostility”.

If you are an alienated parent living in the UK you can take part in this doctoral research project by following this link:  http://qsortonline.com/qsort/LEAP/

If you have any queries about this study, please contact:  Sue Whitcombe, Counselling Psychologist in Training b2103824@tees.ac.uk