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IronMan pair raise funds for FNF Scotland

Looking remarkably fresh after their 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike ride and 13.1 mile run, Lisa and Mark successfully completed the IronMan Edinburgh Triathlon on July 2nd in 6:47:31 and 5:51:25 respectively.

Their efforts have already raised hundreds of pounds for FNF Scotland, but there's still time to add to the total - use this link to donate and support our helpline service.  FNF Scotland staff and cvlunteers responded to over 3,000 enquiries in the past year - all funds raised go towards maintaining this service.  If you want to undetake a sponsored event in aid of FNF Scotland please contact Ian Maxwell.


Walk, run or cycle to raise money for FNFS this summer

Alistair Collie running in the Tough Mudder for FNFSFamilies Need Fathers Scotland is very grateful for the fundraising efforts by fathers who have used our services and want to support our work.  Two opportunities are coming up this summer in Scotland, plus a presence at the London Marathon raising money for Families Need Fathers.

The Men's 10k in Glasgow is a great chance to celebrate  Father's Day in style on Sunday 19th June.  Going from the Riverside Museum to George Square, the route snakes back and forth across the Clyde.   We will supply an FNFS running t-shirt and cheer you on at start and finish. 

For those seeking a gentler outing, The Walking Dads are holding a 12-mile charity walk on Sunday 24th July from Thriepmuir in the Pentlands.  Organised by Dads Rock, the walk is open to all dads or male carers.

And if two wheels is your choice, how about taking part in Pedal for Scotland on 11th September.  Options are the Big Belter (110 hilly miles from Glasgow to Edinburgh), the standard 55 mile route between the two cities or the Wee Jaunt (9 miles in Edinburgh).

And if you want to support a father running in this year's London Marathon on 24th April go to Alistair Collie's Justgiving page. 

He took part in the Tough Mudder event in Dalkeith in 2014 for FNF Scotland and has now gained a coveted place in this year's London Marathon.

Anyone wanting to take part in these or other events on behalf of FNFS should contact us at info@fnfscotland.org or 0131 557 2440.



Men's 10k success raises money and boosts FNFS profile

Stephen, Martin and Tony ran in the Glasgow Men's 10k on June 21st, raising nearly £2000 for the charity and celebrating Father's Day on behalf of separated fathers everywhere.

Tony made the run from the Transport Museum to Glasgow Green in an incredible 36.08 minutes, with Stephen and Martin finishing a little bit later.  Wearing the new FNF Scotland t-shirts, they raised awareness of the charity amongst the thousands of other runners. 

On a day which can be really hard for separated fathers, particularly when they aren't seeing their children, it's great to report such positive activity.

Following this success, we hope that other fathers and their families will help us in other sponsored events, such as Pedal For Scotland in September and the Edinburgh Men's 10k in November on International Men's Day.

In the mean time you can still top up the sponsorship for Martin, Tony and Steve by following the links to their Justgiving sites.



Tough Mudder raises £250 so far for FNF Scotland

Congratulations to Alistair Collie for taking part in the Scottish Tough Mudder event on Father's Day.  He has raised £250 for Families Need Fathers Scotland so far to help us to cope with the increasing number of enquiries.

If you've found our services useful and want to support the work of FNF Scotland please add to Alistair's total on his Justgiving page.

The event starts with a gruesome crawl through the mud under a barbed wire net - and the challenges get even more alarming after that. 

The ending is just as cruel, as the exhausted mudders are faced with a spine crunching waterslide followed by a final sprint (or crawl) through hanging strands of electrified wire.  The surprising thing is that some people do Tough Mudder again and again.







Tough Mudder on Father's Day for FNF Scotland

FNF member Alistair Collie is taking on a tough challenge on Father's Day this year in order to raise funds to support our work.

He has entered the Scottish Tough Mudder, a gruelling assault course in Dalkeith Country Park on Sunday 15th June.  Please sponsor his efforts through his Justgiving page

Anyone who also wants to turn up on the day to cheer him on should contact the FNF Edinburgh office (0131 557 2440) to join our presence at the event.