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Running for FNF Scotland

We are delighted that we have three volunteer runners taking part in this year’s Edinburgh Men’s 10k on Sunday 5th November.

Martin Johnstone, Gavin Watson and Martyn O’Neill will be wearing the chic FNF Scotland running vests. Martin, Gavin and Martyn, all engineers working in different industries, will be running to raise funds for FNF Scotland’s work supporting parents facing problems arranging meaningful time with their children following separation.

Information about the Men’s 10K event is here: www.mens10k.com/edinburgh

 If you would like to sponsor Martin, Martyn and Gavin for their efforts, you can register your donation on our Golden Giving page at:http://gldn.gg/f/2017edinburghmens10k If you are a UK tax payer, donating through Golden Giving will increase the value of your donation by 20%.

 If you would like some paper versions of the sponsorship form email : ian.maxwell@fnfscotland.org.



Edinburgh Ironman fundraising for FNF Scotland

Mark and Lisa are competing in the Edinburgh Ironman 70.3 Triathlon on July 2nd, 2017. That 's a 1.2 mile swim, a 56 mile cycle and a 13.1 mile half marathon. 

They are hoping to raise funds to support the work of Families Need Fathers Scotland as demand for our services continues to increase year on year.

 If you would like to sponsor their efforts their donations page is at: https://www.goldengiving.com/fundraising/ironman4fnfscotland

If you want to frighten yourself, the full details of the event are here: tinyurl.com/ycatgr5s



New monthly group to be established in Renfrewshire

The first meeting of a new group to cover Renfrewshire will launch on Tuesday June 7th.

Meetings will run from 7 - 9pm on the 1st Tuesday of every month at ProLife Fitness Centre, 98 New Sneddon Street, Paisley PA3 2BD.

FNF Scotland local groups provide time and space for individuals who are struggling to establish or maintain meaningful parenting time with their children after relationship breakdown. Most attendees are non-resident fathers but the meetings are open to grandparents, new partners, non-resident mothers and other family members.

The aim of the mmetings is to provide mutual support and also to share information on how to resolve some of the difficulties disrupting time with their children. Most meetings now have a solicitor in attendance to provide general information about the law and court procedures.


Fathers Day Charter 2015


Magna Carta, whose 800th anniversary has just been celebrated, set down some some basic principles that evolved over the centuries as democracy and legal process advanced into the broad rights and obligations we know today. The evolution has always been led by changes in society and the general expectations of what is fair and right.

The evolution of the part fathers play in parenting their children is following a similar path. It is clearly being led by changes in family structures within the wider economy and the expectations that fathers themselves have about their relationship with their children within marriage or long term relationship. There is general approval of this evolution at the wider level of public policy and also at individual level by both mothers and fathers. Unfortunately, when the relationship between parents breaks down attitudes often go into reverse to the disadvantage not only of the parents but also their children.

The FNF family (England, Wales and Scotland) has updated its Charter ahead of Father’s Day to remind legislators and professionals involved in the administration of family law of the principles which underpin the charity.

These are based around five key principles:

  • No child should be denied a full and loving relationship with both their parents unless it has been proven that such a relationship presents a risk to the child;

  • The family justice system should promote collaboration and shared parenting between parents following separation;

  • Family courts need to respond swiftly to breaches of contact orders, to ensure that relationships between children and the parent they do not live with day-to-day are not compromised;

  • Information and support services should be easily accessible for separated parents throughout the different pathways of the family justice system;

  • The important contribution of fathers, mothers, grandparents and the wider family should be promoted wherever possible, in both family policy and wider society.

The Charter has been compiled by Families Need Fathers charities in England, Wales and Scotland. This version of the Charter is intended for use in Scotland.


Funding success for FNF Scotland

Following a nailbiting wait, we are happy to announce that Families Need Fathers Scotland has had significant funding support confirmed for 2015-16 and beyond.

The Scottish Government is providing Strategic Partnership grants totalling £25,000 for 2015-16 for FNF Scotland’s core work providing information and support to non-resident parents (and other family members) and also to help separated fathers gain access to health and education information about their children. With other partners FNF Scotland will also assist practitioners to work with these parents.  This will build on our "Equality Apart" project that already provides guidance on this topic.

In addition the Tudor Trust has awarded a three-year grant totalling £120,000 to enable FNF Scotland to create a new ‘Partnership and Outreach’ staff post. The new post will build a bridge between the support and advice FNF Scotland gives to individuals to the practice of the many professions – from teachers and GPs to lawyers and judges - who may become involved with separated families at some point.

In its offer letter the Tudor Trust says, “The Trustees agreed that Families Need Fathers Scotland was very much needed and offered an accessible and helpful route into understanding the requirements of the Scottish legal system.  … They particularly liked the Equal Parents guide [to rights of non-resident parents to be included by schools in information about their children] as they thought this would be very  useful in helping to diffuse tension and encourage a calmer and more considered approach". 

Ian Maxwell, National Manager of FNF Scotland said, “FNF Scotland is very grateful to the Tudor Trust and the Scottish Government for supporting our work.  This comes at a time when we are receiving increasing numbers of enquiries and are pressing for improvements in the workings of Scottish Family Courts as part of the current civil justice reform process.

In the last year we had close to 15,000  visitors to our website. Support and advice was given to over 1,500 individuals who contacted us by phone or e mail or attended our monthly meetings in Aberdeen, Glasgow, Stirling and Edinburgh. The figures are disturbingly high for a small country that affects to be proud of its commitment to its children but our sense is that we are only touch the tip of an iceberg of distress and dissatisfaction. We believe that our new outreach post will open the eyes of many professionals to the positive role that they can play in preventing difficulties turning into crises.”

FNF Scotland will still need to raise further funding in order to confirm the new staff post. Financial support from the people who use our information is always welcome, and we already have some runners taking part in the Men's 10k on Father's Day in Glasgow to raise funds for us.