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FNF Scotland to launch group in Dundee


The group will establish a regular meeting place for parents (fathers or mothers) who are having difficulty  securing stable and consistent arrangements for time with their children after separation or even if they have never lived together. The aim of the monthly meeting is to provide advice and information about the problems they may be experiencing but will also be an opportunity for mutual support and positive encouragement in particular to dads that they have a lot to offer as parents. Around 90% of non-resident parents are fathers.

Ian Maxwell, FNF Scotland National Manager, says, “We are grateful to the Corra Foundation which has provided the funding to start a group covering Dundee, Angus, North Fife and tayside. Some fathers - and grandparents and other family members - have travelled from the area to come to meetings in Edinburgh, Stirling and Aberdeen. We take regular telephone enquiries individuals in Dundee and Tayside so it makes sense to establish a branch here where they can meet and share good parenting advice as well as help each other navigate through problems."

It is mostly but not exclusively dads who attend group meetings. Around 90% of non-resident parents are fathers. However, we also see mothers and members of the extended family like uncles, aunts and grandparents and new partners who can all be deeply equally affected when parents split.

Ian Maxwell says, “There is a wealth of research that shows children do best when there is a stable, loving and reliable relationship with both parents after they have separated. Our aim is to give support to the non-resident parent and his or her family in the effort to make sure the welfare of the children is at the heart of the arrangements they make. It is usually to everyone’s benefit if they can agree a way forward rather than head for the courts though there are many difficult situations when the parent with care refuses to co-operate and the case does end up in court. Our branch members provide emotional and practical support there too.”

The Dundee group will be FNF Scotland's 6th group. There are active groups in Aberdeen, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Stirling and Paisley as well as a monthly skype group for those further afield.

For further information about the Dundee meetings e mail info@fnfscotland.org.



New monthly group to be established in Renfrewshire

The first meeting of a new group to cover Renfrewshire will launch on Tuesday June 7th.

Meetings will run from 7 - 9pm on the 1st Tuesday of every month at ProLife Fitness Centre, 98 New Sneddon Street, Paisley PA3 2BD.

FNF Scotland local groups provide time and space for individuals who are struggling to establish or maintain meaningful parenting time with their children after relationship breakdown. Most attendees are non-resident fathers but the meetings are open to grandparents, new partners, non-resident mothers and other family members.

The aim of the mmetings is to provide mutual support and also to share information on how to resolve some of the difficulties disrupting time with their children. Most meetings now have a solicitor in attendance to provide general information about the law and court procedures.


New FNF group in Stirling

To meet the increasing demand for local Families Need Fathers groups in Scotland, a new monthly meeting is starting in Stirling.  These meetings are a chance for anyone experiencing child contact problems to meet others facing similar issues and discuss solutions.  Meetings already take place in Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

A preliminary meeting for existing FNF members living in the area will be held from 7-9pm on Tuesday 18th October in the back bar of the Settle Inn, 91 St Mary's Wynd, Stirling FK8 1BU.

From November, the meetings will be held in the new Family Life Centre premises at 61-63 Murray Place, Stirling FK8 1AP.  The first meeting will be on 8th November from 7-9pm, thereafter on the second Tuesday of every month.  The centre is on the second floor, above the Rock Centre, which is also operated  by Stirling Baptist Church.

We are very grateful to the church for letting us use this meeting place in central Stirling, only a few minutes walk from the Railway Station.  For further details of FNF local groups, ring 0131 557 2440.