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2017 Families Need Fathers Scotland AGM 

The FNFS AGM is in Edinburgh this year on Thursday 23rd November. It will be held in the Carlow Room at 10 Palmerston Place from 7-9pm, with tea and coffee from 6.30.  The first part of the evening will be reports on the activity and finances for the past year plus election of trustees.  Anyone interested in becoming a trustee should contact Ian Maxwell by 17th November

Following the AGM business there will be talk about contact centres by Kathleen Frew of Family Mediation Central and Margaret Ashman from Helensburgh Contact Centre. FNF Scotland is now working on a contact centre user guide and these talks plus the following discussion will help us explore how people use the centres and the benefits and issues for contact centre users.

Anyone can attend our AGM, but please let us know you are coming by booking a place here.


Families Need Fathers Scotland 2016 AGM

The Annual General Meeting of the FNF Scotland charity will be held on Thursday 8th December at Robertson House, 152 Bath Street, Glasgow G2 4TB from 7-9pm.

As well as receiving reports on the charity's activity during the past year, there will be news of our campaigning to change family law and encourage shared parenting and other developments such as the training for lay assistants and our "Children Resisting Contact" training events.  We will also highlight progress in developing our supporter scheme and an online forum to discuss contact and parenting issues.

There will also be a presentation from Anne O'Donnell of St Patrick's RC Primary in Denny, near Falkirk.  We have invited her to talk about the school's work to involve fathers and other parental involvement activity.  They hold Boys Nights where boys and their male parents or carers come into the school and spend the evening doing various activities ranging from literacy games to outdoor learning. 

We are keen to celebrate good examples of how fathers can be involved in school and will also talk about what FNF Scotland has been doing to encourage schools to involve separated fathers.
Attendance at the AGM is free but we welcome donations - sign up here to attend.


FNFS AGM 2015 hears about new disclosure scheme for domestic abuse

A healthy turnout of members from Edinburgh, Glasgow and Stirling attended the FNF Scotland 2015 annual general meeting last Thursday evening.  National manager Ian Maxwell conducted the business part of the meeting, presenting the annual report and accounts, and the other staff members John Forsyth and Alastair Williamson reported on their work during the past year.  

Four trustees were re-appointed. FNF Scotland's constitution allows for 6 trustees and expressions of interest in becoming a trustee are invited from individuals who have skills that would assist our further strategic development.

Chief Superintendant Barry McEwan of Police Scotland then gave a talk on the recently rolled out 'Clare's Law' in Scotland - more properly designated The Disclosure Scheme for Domestic Abuse Scotland - or the Right To Ask. 

He explained that the scheme enables an individual or a member of his/her family or friends who suspect that a new partner may be a danger in terms of domestic abuse can request a police search of available evidence about the new partner.  The request can be made through an online request form and Chief Superintendant McEwan indicated that over 200 have been made since the scheme went live across Scotland on October 1st. 

He stressed that the scheme is not there to "vet" a new partner at the request of  individual, family member or friend through the scheme but is there to deal with concerns around potential abusive behaviour and described the analysis of risk that the police, social work, housing, advocacy and other agencies make jointly at a Decision-making Forum, before deciding to disclose any information to an individual about the new partner. 

If the Decision-making forum assess that the individual in question has a recorded history of abusive behaviour; or there is other information to indicate risk, the Forum will consider sharing this information with the person(s) best placed to protect the potential victim.

This will not include the person  who made a 3rd party initial application -such as a former partner - only individual or agencies who would be required to support the potential victim will be considered for receipt of the disclosure.  

If there are children in the household a disclosure could also be made to social work as part of the child protection process.

Chief Superintendent McEwan took questions about experience of the scheme from members present and on other issues that commonly are raised at group meetings. 

A key topic raised by various people was that of non-resident fathers who are exposed to the dangers of arrest when they turn up to collect their children for court-ordered contact and instead are subjected to abuse and a refusal to comply with the order. Many have spent the weekend in the cells instead of with their children. Their children may have seen them taken away in handcuffs. Even though charges are eventually dropped or they are acquitted in court many months may have passed with their contact with children disrupted or damaged. 

Chief Superintendent McEwan listened carefully and encouraged FNF Scotland to raise awareness with their members around ensuring that the best measures are in place for such contact, with consideration of a responsible person being present or  accompanying the non-resident father when collecting their child to protect/safeguard against allegations of wrongdoing, and the location of pick up and expected behaviour, to reduce potential disagreements at time of contact.  He further encouraged that FNF members raise their concerns with the current SG consultations on proposed changes to the criminal law.


2015 FNF Scotland AGM

The 2015 AGM of Families Need Fathers Scotland will be held at 10 Palmerston Place on Thursday 26th November from 7-9pm (tea, coffee and biscuits from 6.30pm onwards).

The AGM will include reports from staff, a finance report and a question and answer session.  Following the AGM we will have the following presentations and further discussion:

 *       Chief Superintendent Barry McEwan of the Licencing and Violence Reduction Unit of Police Scotland will talk about the workings of the recently introduced Domestic Abuse Disclosure Scheme (Clare's Law).  This provides both men and women with the right to ask Police Scotland about the background of their partner, potential partner or someone who is in a relationship with someone they know, when there is a concern that the individual may be abusive. 

 *       News about recent changes in the working of the Scottish family courts and discussion of what FNF Scotland should be campaigning for in the forthcoming overall review of the system.

 *       We also hope to be able to show some of our film about child welfare hearings in the sheriff court.  This was organised by our student intern earlier this year but has been held up due to technical problems at the editing stage.

You can register to attend the AGM using the following link.


FNF Scotland AGM report

The second annual general meeting of Families Need Fathers Scotland was held at the Scottish Youth Theatre, Glasgow on Thursday 27th November 2014, followed by a panel of three speakers giving details of their own work and how it relates to the future activity of FNF Scotland.

The AGM agreed the accounts, heard reports from the two part-time staff (Ian Maxwell and John Forsyth), and reappointed the exiting trustees for a further year (Alastair Williamson, Margaret Ashman, Iain McDonald and Andrew Whalley). Further details are in the AGM papers (agenda, minutes of last AGM and accounts).

The three speakers on our panel were John Mason MSP, Nick Smithers from Abused Men in Scotland, and Billy Finlayson the family lawyer.  Minutes of the 2014 AGM and notes from their presentations and the resulting discussion are here.