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Men's 10k success raises money and boosts FNFS profile

Stephen, Martin and Tony ran in the Glasgow Men's 10k on June 21st, raising nearly £2000 for the charity and celebrating Father's Day on behalf of separated fathers everywhere.

Tony made the run from the Transport Museum to Glasgow Green in an incredible 36.08 minutes, with Stephen and Martin finishing a little bit later.  Wearing the new FNF Scotland t-shirts, they raised awareness of the charity amongst the thousands of other runners. 

On a day which can be really hard for separated fathers, particularly when they aren't seeing their children, it's great to report such positive activity.

Following this success, we hope that other fathers and their families will help us in other sponsored events, such as Pedal For Scotland in September and the Edinburgh Men's 10k in November on International Men's Day.

In the mean time you can still top up the sponsorship for Martin, Tony and Steve by following the links to their Justgiving sites.



10k success for Martin and his dad

Martin and his dad

 Congratulations and many thanks to Martin Johnstone from the Glasgow Families Need Fathers group for his efforts in raising funds for us in the Glasgow 10k last Sunday.
His time this year of 58:30secs shows that running in an FNF Scotland t-shirt was more effective that the superman cape he used last year.
Super Dad Dougie (1:01:08secs) and his sister Lindsay (1:22:17secs) ran the race with him.
Martin comments: "My main aim was to demonstrate to everyone that we all love my daughter and no one should deprive us of that special and unique relationship that exists between fathers and their children."

"Perhaps one day, when she’s older, Lily will see the pictures of my 10K endeavours.  I may not make the fastest time, or break any distance records, but she will know that I care, that I have always cared about her and that I did it all for her."

"I hope that it demonstrates my commitment to Lily and to raising awareness that men, such as myself, want to be there for their children."

You can make a donation to top up Martin's total at http://www.justgiving.com/superDAD.

And anyone who is keen to raise more money to support the work of Families Need Fathers Scotland can still take part in Pedal for Scotland on September 9th - sponsorship forms and further details from Ian Maxwell on 0131 557 2440 or scotland@fnf.org.uk.