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Video explains how to complain about solicitors


A new video about making a complaint about your solicitor has been produced by the Law Society of Scotland and the Scottish Legal Complaints Commission (SLCC).

This explanation of the way in which these two bodies handle complaints is welcome, although it might be even better if there was a simpler system with one complaint handling body and more power to act when necessary.

The video explains that you start with raising the complaint with your solicitor or with the firms "complaints partner" and if not satisfied go on to one of these two bodies.  Service complaints can go straight to the SLCC, whereas conduct complaints have to go to the Law Society's complaints committee.


Challenging a bar report

Families Need Fathers Scotland is already aware of the difficulties faced by people who seek to challenge inaccuracies in bar reports at child welfare hearings.

A recent Court of Session judgement illustrates the dangers of challenging bar reports the wrong way.

As reported in Scottish Legal News a Scots lawyer has been awarded £15,000 in damages after he "suffered injury to his feelings, standing and professional reputation" as a result of the distribution of false and defamatory material about him alleging that he lied to a court in the course of carrying out his duty as a reporter in a child welfare case. 

The grandfather of the child in this case objected to a bar report written by that solicitor.

This prompted him to distribute "vitriolic" leaflets in shops, houses and pubs in the local community and surrounding towns and villages stating that the solicitor "knowingly supplied false and malicious information to a sheriff's court report that was put into the public domain".

FNF Scotland is preparing a guide to bar reports and is keen to hear from people who have good or bad experiences of bar reporting.