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Fathers Day survey for dads and grandads

Scotland's Year of the Dad is carrying out a survey of dads and grandads for a report which will be published in time for Father's Day on 19th June.

They will use the results to report back on the lives and habits of our modern dads and father-figures.

If you’re a dad you can access the survey here, if you’re a grandad click here.


Next Year is Scottish Year of the Dad

Fathers Network Scotland, supported by the Scottish Government, is preparing for 2016 to be celebrated as "Year of the Dad".

While not many details are available yet, the intention is to celebrate fatherhood and the importance of fathers in child development and parenting.  Organisations, companies and public sector agencies will be invited to sign a pledge to various commitments, including supporting fathers both as employees and as service users or consumers.

Families Need Fathers Scotland will join with a wide range of other organisations in celebrating the Year of the Dad, with special emphasis on promoting the benefits of shared parenting after separation. 

Although the event is meant to be a positive celebration of fatherhood, we will also have to highlight the difficulties and discriminations encountered by many fathers who are trying to maintain their parenting role with their children after separation.  Every day we hear from fathers who are struggling for recognition as a normal dad in their children's lives. 

In promoting shared parenting, we are seeking for it to be treated as the normal expectation after separation, and for any parent who wishes to depart from a shared parenting pattern to demonstrate good reason.  We know from research evidence that children do better if both parents do their share and can work together after separation.

Our plans for this year's Father's Day and for the Year of the Dad will be publicised soon.