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Entries in Tough Mudder (3)


Tough Mudder raises ¬£250 so far for FNF Scotland

Congratulations to Alistair Collie for taking part in the Scottish Tough Mudder event on Father's Day.  He has raised £250 for Families Need Fathers Scotland so far to help us to cope with the increasing number of enquiries.

If you've found our services useful and want to support the work of FNF Scotland please add to Alistair's total on his Justgiving page.

The event starts with a gruesome crawl through the mud under a barbed wire net - and the challenges get even more alarming after that. 

The ending is just as cruel, as the exhausted mudders are faced with a spine crunching waterslide followed by a final sprint (or crawl) through hanging strands of electrified wire.  The surprising thing is that some people do Tough Mudder again and again.







Tough Mudder on Father's Day for FNF Scotland

FNF member Alistair Collie is taking on a tough challenge on Father's Day this year in order to raise funds to support our work.

He has entered the Scottish Tough Mudder, a gruelling assault course in Dalkeith Country Park on Sunday 15th June.  Please sponsor his efforts through his Justgiving page

Anyone who also wants to turn up on the day to cheer him on should contact the FNF Edinburgh office (0131 557 2440) to join our presence at the event.


News from Families Need Fathers Scotland

Our weekly e-newsletter was paused last Autumn when we moved office in order to rectify some problems in the way the links were working.  Although plenty has happened since then and some news articles have been posted on the website, it has taken longer than planned to resume the e-newsletter. 

To catch up on some recent news from FNF Scotland:

  • our second parenting course for separated fathers starts in Edinburgh on February 12th.  Working with Parent Network Scotland and with funding from the Big Lottery we running these courses and developing online support material.
  • FNF Scotland has received the new Help and Support for Separated Families (HSSF) quality mark, the second Scottish organisation to achieve this standard. 
  • A member from Fife has already signed up to raise funds for FNFS by taking part in the Tough Mudder event in Scotland this June.  Completing this 12-mile long obstacle course is more fun as a team, so we are looking for some more recruits to join him at the event in Dalkeith Country Park.  Contact ian.maxwell@fnf.org.uk if you are tempted.
  • Submissions for the Scottish Parliament Equal Opportunities Committee enquiry into issues facing single fathers are already building up, and we will publish our response on this web site soon.
  • FNFS is collecting information from separated fathers about their experiences of the courts and other services.  The survey can be completed below:


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