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Talking to your children about separation 

Scottish lawyer/mediator Scott Docherty has published an e-Book for parents: "How to talk to your kids about Separation", promoted by this attractive animation and available on Kindle for £3.12.

While admitting that he can't anticipate absolutely every likely question that children might raise, Scott's book covers a lot of very useful territory and should really help anyone facing this tricky issue.  He explains how in his work as a lawyer he prepares for making submissions by thinking through the situation in advance - a technique that could work just as well for a parent preparing for a tricky chat with a child.

The book covers a wide range of connected topics, such as dealing with separation anxiety and how mediation can help.  He points out that children aren't pawns to be squabbled over but vulnerable youngsters caught in a disturbing transition.  Their parents can do a lot to help them - or can make things much worse.

We await with interest his next publication: "How to talk to your ex after separation".