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Forthcoming changes

As we approach our tenth anniversary, Families Need Fathers Scotland is working on a series of new developments.

A new web site will be launched in early October, bringing this site together with our Shared Parenting site.  The new site will be easier to use on tablets and phones, and will include a wider range of information about Scottish family law and court procedure.  This will include a set of answers to Frequently Asked Questions based on the enquiries we receive on our helpline, at local group meetings and on our local WhatsApp groups.

The new web site will include running commentary on our lobbying work this Autumn to influence the new Family Law Bill and the accompanying Family Justice Modernisation Strategy, along with other news from Scotland and abroad.  

We will continue to promote our training including a new online course backed up by coaching sessions on conflict management and further training for lay supporters and on grief/stress management.

We will also use it to raise funds through activities such as the Kiltwalk. The final Kiltwalk for 2019 is on Sunday 15th September and our team page is here : https://tinyurl.com/fnfskwed2019 .

The new website will also promote the new name of the organisation - more details shortly.


New Year, New Web Site

Judging by the first six month's worth of usage figures, the FNF Scotland web site has been a useful first point of contact with the organisation, with 3613 unique visitors and 11,403 page views to date. 

The weekly e-newsletter containing news items from the web site is now being sent to more than 200 people - add your email to the box on the left if you want to sign up for a free subscription.

We are currently revising the web site to take account of experience over the first half year.  An index to topics from news items has been added further down the left hand column. 

From the usage statistics we can see that the Help and Support page is the most heavily used part of the site.  The existing content has been rearranged to allow easier searching and a more logical structure - please bear with us while extra text and links are added over the next few weeks.

Suggestions for additional content is always welcome - thanks to all the people who have already supplied ideas and information.