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Family mediation on the television

One way to escape the referendum is to watch the start of a new TV documentary series on family mediation, which will be broadcast on Tuesdays at 9pm on BBC2 for three weeks.

The makers of "Mr and Mrs" had privileged access to the private world of family mediation (English style), where separated couples attempt to resolve their disagreements. The aim is to avoid a courtroom battle if possible. Episode one covers 'shuttle mediation' in which the parties stay in separate rooms while the mediators move between them with proposals and counter proposals.



Mum and Dad are splitting up

Separated families are also covered in a recent documentary on BBC2 - Mum and Dad are splitting up - which was broadcast on the evening that FNF Scotland held its first AGM in Glasgow.

"With a third of British children living with only one biological parent, this simple but revealing film ventures into the heart of British family life to ask young people about their experience of their parents' breakup.

Based entirely on honest, intimate interviews with both young people and their parents (often sat together and discussing the event for the first time), director Olly Lambert draws out the complex feelings and secrets that took root in the family when mum and dad split up.

In the process, both parents and their offspring find themselves asking questions of each other that have remained unsaid for years, and being frequently surprised by the answers. A moving and surprisingly uplifting insight into the reality of modern family life."