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Aspects of separated family life

Two recent examples of coverage of separated family life:

The Sunday Night Drop is a radio programme taking a look at the lives of children from divorced parents who travel between parental homes.

Every Sunday - in service stations, lay-bys and car parks - children pass from one family to another. Most of Britain is unaware of how far some families have to travel to spend time with each other.

The programme focuses on the living and loving in modern fragmented families - sharing 'quality time', keeping up appearances, being together yet also alone. It's a glimpse at how families today are managing complexity, difficulty and difference in a way that wasn't necessary in the past.

A recent feature in the Daily Mail covered another form of contact - Skype Dads who only see their children on computer screen. 

Both items comment on the problems and inadequacies of these methods of remaining in contact with your children following a long-distance move.  If your ex-partner is planning to move a long way away, you can go to court to try and prevent the move. 

These "relocation" cases should always look mainly at the interests of the children and how they can remain in good-quality contact with both parents, rather than accepting that Skype or regular long-distance journeys are a substitute for children spending adequate time with both parents.  See our legal page for more details of such court cases.

One of the comments at the end of the Mail article says it all: "As a mother I don't even know why you'd entertain the idea of moving a child so far away from their father? Selfish if you ask me."