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False allegations of sexual abuse exposed in court

A senior English judge has taken the rare step of naming all the adults involved in a case in which a father was falsely accused of sexually abusing his daughter, in order to publicly clear the father's name.

It was found that the mother had 'manufactured' claims that the father had abused the child, then coached her to repeat the allegations. The mother, went on to put the allegations about her ex-partner into the public domain via the internet in breach of court orders.

In his judgement Sir Nicholas Wall (head of the Family Division in England) said two judges examined the case at previous High Court hearings and both found that the father was not a paedophile and had not sexually abused his daughter.

He added: “The father is entitled to tell the world, and the world is entitled to know, that he is not a paedophile, that he has not sexually abused his daughter and that the allegations made against him are false.”

This corresponds to Lady Hale's comment in the Supreme Court judgement on the Scottish case of Principal Reporter v K, in which she stated: "No child should be brought up to believe that she has been abused if in fact she has not, any more than any child should be persuaded by the adult world that she has not been abused when in fact she has."