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Second reading for shared parenting bill

The Children (Access to Parents) Bill introduced at Westminster by Charlie Elphicke MP is scheduled for its second reading on 20th January 2012.

The Bill requires courts, local authorities and other bodies, when determining or enforcing issues of residence and contact, to operate under the presumption that the rights of a child include the right to grow up knowing and having access to and contact with both of the parents involved in the residence or contact case concerned.

This would apply unless exceptional circumstances are demonstrated that such contact is not in the best interests of the child; to create an offence if a relevant body or person does not operate under or respect such a presumption; and for connected purposes.

Although such legislation would not have any direct impact in Scotland, such moves in England would help the case for similar provision in Scotland in the forthcoming Childern's Rights Bill.  Scottish MPs can vote on Mr Elphicke's Bill - to find your local MP see They Work For You