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Judge reverses residence after mother made false allegations

An English Family Division Judge has replaced a shared residence order with sole residence for the father of a five-year-old boy, the mother to have regular contact.

This drastic move follows a "finding of fact" in which the mother's allegations about the father's drinking, violent behaviour and failure to protect his son from sexual abuse at the hands of the father's brother were all found to be false.

Judge Keehan also strongly criticised the child abuse investigation carried out by police and social services, stating: " ... the interview of the 23rd May 2012 conducted by Mr. Muchekeza and DC Sutcliffe was, by any standards of child abuse investigations, woeful."

"That they conducted the discussion at the child's home with the mother present in the house might well be excused.   But they questioned the child for 30 minutes without him making any disclosure and were at the point of calling it a day and leaving, which is understandable, but that they permitted the mother to speak to the child in their presence which was, "Tell them what you told Mummy about the bath", is quite incredible."

"It is a plain good ABE practice never to ask a child to repeat what they said to somebody else, simply to ask them to tell what has happened to them or what they have experienced.   To continue the discussion in the presence of the mother with the child being from time to time held by the mother is, in my judgment, wrong and improper."