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Hunger Strike and the Brownies

Matt O'Conner's hunger strike outside David Cameron's house hasn't forced News International off the front pages yet, but it has prompted some public discussion of the issues.

The Call Kayephone-in on Radio Scotland devoted most of their programme on Tuesday 12th July to the topic of fathers and contact problems - followed by a rather more light hearted item on the Brownies!

Thanks to an early morning call from an alert FNF member, Ian Maxwell from FNF Scotland managed to join the discussion alongside Matt O'Connor, ex-agony aunt Joan Burnie, Errin Pizzey, and Morag Driscoll from the Scottish Child Law Centre.

It was an opportunity to mention the unequal position fathers find themselves in contact disputes, having to prove their worth when arguing to see their children.  The importance of shared parenting was stressed alongside consideration of the interests of children, enforcement of contact orders, and new ways of consulting children about contact.

Listen to the programme for the first hour, with the FNF Scotland contribution from about 20 minutes in.