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Learning about 'hidden' men from NSPCC case reviews

Recently published guidance from the NSPCC makes some important points for social work professionals.  From analysis of case reviews, they point out two categories of 'hidden' men. 

  • Men who posed a risk to the child which resulted in them suffering harm. 
  • Men, for example estranged fathers, who were capable of protecting and nurturing the child but were overlooked by professionals.

With regard to the second category, they point out that professionals often overlook the ability of estraged fathers to care for their children. Such fathers are fundamentally important to their children's emotional and psychological development, and could provide much needed safety and protection.

They go on to suggest that fathers should be involved in pre-natal appointments and classes with evening appointments if necessary, and that they should be involved in social work assessments.

It's great that NSPCC is now issuing such guidance, but we hope in future that the need for highlighting such issues becomes less necessary and that men can emerge completely from 'hiding'.