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Leading women support shared parenting

Leading Women for Shared Parenting (LW4SP) is an international organisation established one year ago  to dispel the widespread myth that it is only - or even mainly - disgruntled fathers with limited access to their children who promote equal shared parenting as the default model for separating parents. 

Members sign up to the following statement:

"Shared Parenting is an issue which knows no bounds.  It is neither the domain of conservatives or liberals, poor or wealthy, and pays  no attention to ethnicity or gender. The issue transcends all demographics.  Our  goals are shared, and should be supported, across all sectors of society.

Children benefit most from the active involvement of both parents regardless of their marital status.  The undersigned recognize  that absent issues of abuse, neglect or abandonment, government  policy and laws must be structured in such a way as to maximize the  opportunity of all parents to contribute to the social, emotional, intellectual,  physical, moral and spiritual development of their children."

Leading women who have signed up so far include academics, politicians, journalists and lawyers. North American names predominate so far, but founder of the UK domestic shelter movement Erin Pizzey is on the list alongside a number of other Europeans. 
Fathers Need Families Scotland will invite some leading Scottish women to sign up to the statement.