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Santa doesn't come to daddy's house

Now that the school holidays are over, the next issue facing separated families may well be the arrangements for Christmas.

One member started to discuss with his solicitor about asking for contact from Christmas Eve into Christmas morning, given that his child spent last Christmas with her mother.

He was disconcerted when his solicitor just laughed and exclaimed "no way!"

He asked what was funny. She replied, "Santa doesn't come to daddy's house" and then suggested that ALL Sheriffs in Scotland will grant the mother the right to have their child/children waking up in their home on Christmas day as "Santa will only go there!".

Apart from hoping that this particular lawyer was mistaken about sheriffs in her own area FNF Scotland knows that some sheriffs have agreed proposals to alternate contact arrangements for Christmas and birthdays.

We would point out the Scottish Government's Parenting Agreement for Scotland makes no mention of the one-sided viewpoint the solicitor appeared to believe although it does make the sensible suggestion that special days such as birthdays and Christmas should be discussed well in advance, and that children should be consulted.