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Chief Rabbi supports involved parenting

Speaking to the BBC on the eve of retiring as Chief Rabbi, Lord Jonathan Sacks commented that the breakdown of marriage had exacerbated child poverty in the UK, "so children get to be the victims".

Although he said he had no desire to be "prescriptive" about potential solutions, he offered: "I think a situation where children grow up in stable association with the parents who bought them into being is probably the biggest influence on the eventual shape of a society."

Families Need Fathers have had a long association with JUMP, the Jewish Unity for Multiple Parenting.

JUMP is a voluntary Jewish support and lobby group that aims to assist with better parenting time arrangements for the non-resident parent to see their children following difficulties after the breakdown of their relationship with their former partner.

The Chief Rabbi supported their Jewish Parenting Plans booklet, saying: "In addition to Shabbat, Jewish festivals and holy days, it is important for children to be able to experience life cycle events (both their own and those of relatives), and this will be facilitated by exposure to the families and social networks of both parents. It is therefore crucial that both parents are able to spend time with their children and share these experiences and occasions with them and input into their growth and development.