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What My Father Means To Me: 1

First up in our Father's Day Series is a contribution from Joan McAlpine, journalist and newly elected SNP MSP for the South of Scotland.  See her award-winning blog at http://joanmcalpine.typepad.com/


"My father James Campbell McAlpine will be 80 this year and is certainly one of the most inspiring figures in my life. Although very much a man's man with interests in boating, fishing and engineering, he had three daughters. He treated us all as he would have his sons, encouraging us to follow our dreams and be all we could be.

We spent a great deal of time with him at weekends on the boat he restored himself - he taught us how to fish and his skills in this area provided us with a rich source of protein during our student years. My youngest sister has Down's Syndrome and he continues to play an important part in caring for her along with my mother Esther.  Dad was passionate about Scottish history, culture and politics. He followed the news and so is the reason I became a journalist as well as a representative of the Scottish National Party.  He was so proud when Alex Salmond won a majority of seats in the Scottish Parliament and said he never though he would live to see this. 

I very much hope I can play a part in delivering independence for him and the others of his generation who argued for Scotland's cause when the odds seemed stacked against them. And of course I hope that I can be an advocate for hard-working, decent people like my dad and help make Scotland a fairer, more prosperous place for everyone."