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Love can also live in two houses

As part of their campaign to influence Portuguese politicians considering shared parenting legislation, a TV campaign has been launched by the Portuguese Association for Parental Equality and Children's Rights (Igualdade Parentale).

In their advert a child speaks in class with joy and with much knowledge of his day to day life with the parent he lives with.  But when it comes to talking about the parent whom he sees only every fifteen days, words are harder and his knowledge is less. You notice discomfort in the room and you get the feeling of lives that are not lived entirely as they should.

The campaign states that spending equal amounts of time with both parents is a right and changing the law in favour of shared parenting will ensure a better life for children.  It will be shown on two of the three major national TV channels and four cable tv channels from June 3rd. 

Igualdade Parentale also point out that a wide range of scientific studies show that alternate residence reduces conflict and improves children's lives.  Children are better protected when both fathers and mothers are equally involved in their lives and when social institutions support them in fulfilling their responsibilities.  A survey carried out by Netsonda in 2018 found almost 70% of Portuguese parents agreeing that children should stay equally with both parents after separation.