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The value of shared parenting for daughters

Dr Linda NeilsenThis summary of research put together by Dr Linda Neilsen is a valuable look at the benefits of father daughter contact after separation, countering the arguments made to frustrate ongoing involvement. Although relating to daughters, most of the points could also be made for sons.  It highlights the massive damage that courts can cause if they needlessly block father-child contact.

The paper's summary stresses two important messages:

"First, those fathers who spend plenty of time with their daughters after the divorce have the greatest chance of creating and maintaining a loving, meaningful, lifelong relationship. Especially when they live with their fathers for a substantial part of the year, these daughters are the most likely to reap the lifelong benefits of having been well fathered."

"Second, an increasing number of parents are sharing the parenting more equally after their divorce-a pivotal step toward strengthening father-daughter relationships. Hopefully as the research on divorced fathers and their daughters becomes more widely disseminated, more families and more professionals who work with divorcing parents will foster and respect this bond."

Thanks to Yuri Joakimidis for alerting us to this.