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Today Programme highlights false allegation case

A separated father accused of physically abusing his children told the Radio 4 Today Programme  on 11th April (approx 1'32" in) about his 18 month ordeal leading up to the case being dropped without explanation on the day of the trial.

He had faced previous false allegations and had presented evidence to the police and Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) to demonstrate his innocence. Nevertheless he was charged with cruelty to a child and had the prospect of a trial dominating his life. On the day of the hearing in the Crown Court the CPS dropped the case without any evidence being heard.

Although this example was an English case, FNF Scotland hears from many fathers in Scotland who face similar allegations and spend months with bail conditions preventing them from making any contact with their children. Even when they are acquitted or the case is dropped their relationship with their children can be badly undermined.

We understand that any report of a child being abused has to be taken very seriously but not why such cases should drag on so long.  Children have to be protected from any form of abuse but parents also need protection from false or unfounded allegations.  Giving such cases high priority so that they are concluded in months rather than years should benefit everybody, not least the children involved.