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85% support equal rights after divorce

A YouGov poll of 1748 people across the UK conducted just before Father's Day 2012 found strong support for fathers to have equal "custody" rights with mothers after divorce.

Of those surveyed in Scotland, 85% agreed with this statement, and this level of agreement only dipped below 80% in the 18-24 age group UK-wide.

87% of Scots agreed that the role of fathers has changed drastically in the past 50 years, and 97% agreed that both parents should share responsibility for bringing up children. 

92% of Scots agreed that fathers are instrumental in bringing up children, and only 53% agreed that a father's main role should be to provide for the the family by earning and making money.

The soundness of the group of people included in the sample was indicated by their no-nonsense approach to one of the other questions.

86% agreed that Father's Day is just another way for companies to make money on cards and presents, although only 19% admitted to spending nothing on their father for that day.  Scots spent more on their fathers than the UK average, surpassed only by Londoners.