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Contribute to the review of parental involvement with schools

The Scottish Government last year announced a review of the effectiveness of the Scottish Schools (Parental Involvement) Act 2006. The National Parent Forum Scotland was commissioned to carry out the review.

The NPFS has an online questionaire for parents at this link.

The explicit ambition of the Guidance that accompanied the Act was to urge schools to “work hard” to engage with several specific groups including fathers in general and non-resident parents in particular. They were named specifically because it was perceived that previously they tended to be by-passed or overlooked by the previous experience of parental involvement.

It is therefore very important that fathers and non-resident parents contribute their experience - good and bad – of how successful schools presently are in actively including them. The closing date for completing the online questionaire is October 31st.

FNF Scotland has been particularly active in assisting both schools and non-resident parents establish a constructive relationship. Our publication Equal Parents  sets out the legal entitlements to information about your children at school but also gives advice on how to get your relationship off on the right foot.

There is a raft of research evidence that shows that children do better in and out of school when both parents are significantly involved with their education.

We will make an overall FNF Scotland submission drawn from our casework but this is a significant opportunity for individual non-resident parents to contribute their personal experience to the review and influence the conclusions of how effective the 2006 Act has been in meeting its original ambitions. 

If you do complete the questionaire please let us know. E mail john.forsyth@fnfscotland.org.

Reminder: the deadline is October 31st.