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About Changing Families

About Families is a lottery funded project about putting research evidence into action on various apects of family life in Scotland.  Their latest topic report on how families can be supported both together and apart in relation to separation and divorce has just been published.

It provides a useful roundup of recent research evidence, which also shows up some gaps such as the lack of information about families affected by disability.

While the overall study is very useful in raising the need for more support for parents, FNF Scotland does have concerns about one comment in the section on "non-resident parents".

It raises the question:  "how can services support parents in understanding and adapting to their new roles as primary care-giver or non-resident parent?"

We would suggest that shared or collaborative parenting is a way of escaping from these markedly unequal roles.   Shared parenting does not necessarily mean a 50:50 split in time or residence, but it does mean that both parents are significantly involved in care giving and decision making.

About Families is a partnership between the Centre for Research on Families and Relationships, Parenting across Scotland and Capability Scotland.