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David Cameron: preventing fathers from seeing their children is wrong

In a reply to an FNF Scotland supporter, Prime Minister David Cameron has clarified his view on the importance of fathers. 

The letter was written to the Prime Minister following the Father's Day article in the Sunday Telegraph criticising absent dads which raised so much indignation amongst fathers who are fighting to see their children.

His reply states:  "I understand that in some cases, fathers are prevented from seeing and helping to raise their children, and that is wrong."

He repeats the standard official line that "... fathers should continue to have a meaningful relationship with, and responsibility for, their children after separation where this is safe."

Cameron explains that his original article  referred only to those fathers who walk away from their financial and emotional responsibilities towards their children.

He adds: "The UK Government intends to assist parents, and other family members, especially grandparents, to agree arrangements for contact and to try to make sure that contact arrangements work, so that both parents continue to be involved in their child's upbringing following relationship breakdown."

So now you know.