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A new European deal for families

The Europe-wide COFACE Families Europe, a pluralistic network of civil society associations representing the interests of all families, is seeking sustainable and lasting solutions for families in the future. They have just issued a list of key short-term demands to be achieved by the new European Commission from 2020-2024.  

They reflect the needs and challenges of families of today and call for a mix of European actions (policy, law, funding, benchmarking, innovation) to drive real change. Their demands are:

I. A Europe recognising ALL family forms without discrimination.

II. A Europe which believes in equal opportunities for all families, with a special focus on equality between women and men, as a cornerstone for achieving reconciliation between family and professional life.

III. A Europe which invests in child well-being, shaping a healthy society, environment and economy fit for children.

IV. A Europe which promotes the participation of all families and children, with a special focus on persons with disabilities and their families to all areas of life.

V. A Europe which empowers all families and gives them a voice to act as citizens, consumers, and workers, with strong support for European and national civil society organisations.

VI. A Europe which harnesses the transformative power of technology and promotes an Internet for All.

VII. A Europe which tackles poverty and social exclusion of families and their members, through access to resources and community-based services.

VIII. A Europe which promotes intergenerational solidarity, with full support and recognition of the role of family carers.

IX. A Europe which respects human rights and advances the rights of ALL families and their members.

X. A Europe which makes the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals a reality.