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Stop using the term "absent parent" 

Describing the parents who live apart from their children as "absent parents" is both inacccurate and insulting to all those parents who do their best for their children, including paying child support maintenance.

That's why FNF in England, Wales and Scotland have jointly complained to the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) about their press release last weekend, headed “The number of absent parents who are now paying towards the cost of their children through the Child Support Agency has hit an all-time high”.

Child support legislation has changed in recent years to avoid the use of "absent parent", so we have asked the DWP why they used this term in their press release, pointing out there are many different reasons why parents may have fallen behind in child maintenance payments, and that only a small minority of paying parents seek actively to evade their responsibilities.

The DWP decided some time ago to adopt the terms ‘paying parent’ and ‘receiving parent’ in Child Maintenance Service documents.

STP PRESS: a response has been received from DWP stating: "We will be more mindful of the connotations of this phrase and will make every reasonable effort to use more considered language in future.  A note has been circulated around the Department’s press office advising of the negative connotations that may be drawn from the use of this phrase and asking press officers to take this into consideration in all future activity."