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Alex Salmond supports mediation

Speaking at the launch in Aberdeen of Avenue, the new name for Counselling and Family Mediation Grampian, First Minister Alex Salmond stressed the importance of mediation.

"In some cases, the difference between a relationship ending or being revived can come down to people’s ability to use counselling and support which is sympathetic, expert and impartial."

"And even when re-establishing a relationship isn’t the best option for the individuals concerned, mediation can help to turn separation from a bitter experience into a more bearable one."

"For children, too, having support in times of difficulty can make a massive difference to their happiness, development and wellbeing.

FNF Scotland National Manager Ian Maxwell commented: "Mediation can focus both parents on the need for co-operate for their children's benefit, and avoid the need for them to go to court.  We always advise the parents who come to us about contact problems to try mediation."
"At present if one parent refuses to take part, mediation can do nothing. We look forward to the implementation of the Gill proposals for civil justice.  They include a requirement in child contact cases that mediation be attempted, with a report to the Sheriff if one parent refuses to co-operate."