2019 Parental Alienation Survey
Sunday, October 6, 2019 at 7:01PM
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Imagine if you were prevented from seeing your own children.

Not because you’d done anything to justify it.

Not because you didn’t love and care for them deeply.

Not because you weren’t around for them.

Imagine that you had separated/divorced and your former partner wanted to eradicate you from your children’s lives.  Wanted to punish you for being an ‘inadequate wife/ father’.

A former partner who speaks badly about you to your children. Who makes them think you don’t really care about them. Who makes them ’reject’ you.  Someone who twists your words and distorts the narrative to make your precious children lose their close attachment to you.

If you think it isn’t possible...know this.

There are thousands of parents in Scotland (both mums and dads) living this torture right now. Today. Every hour.  Many understandably can’t take it anymore and give up.  Some take their own lives.

Many more have spent thousands fighting through courts to regain some access, only to have their contact orders breached again. And again. And again.

Fighting only to have an opportunity to co-parent. Just to love and see their own children and play a part in their lives.  Everything most of us take for granted.

If you know anyone in this dark place right now, please ask them to complete the strictly confidential survey below.  These results are being shared with MSPs as they consider changes in family law and court processes.  (Note that some of the options in question 8 do not apply in Scotland - use the Other option to describe the stage you are at.)

Every story heart-breaking. Every story demanding a speedy resolution.

Please help


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