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"Why should they live more with one of us when they are children to us both?"

Dr Malin Bergström of the Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm presented her research insights into the comparative benefits for children in Sweden of agreed shared parenting to FNF Scotland's 5th anniversary event in the Scottish Parliament on November 29th. 

Speaking to an audience of over 60 MSPs, family lawyers and 3rd sector children and family support agencies she observed that in Sweden if parents separate 50:50 shared parenting is the predominant arrangement for the care of the children, more than the numbers of one parent led households or households in which one parent has less than shared time put together.

On a range of measures or wellbeing children in shared parenting and 'intact' arrangements are demonstrably feel better about themselves and suffer less from recognised symptoms of stress than those with visiting or no contact with one parent.

Dr Malin quoted one interviewee who said, "Why should they live more with one of us when they are children to us both?"

These links show the introduction to the event by John Mason MSP and the presentation by Ian Maxwell about the work of FNF Scotland and our shared parenting campaign.


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