International Journal for Family Research and Policy
Sunday, October 4, 2015 at 11:19PM
FNF Scotland in Katherine K Young, Paul Nathanson, Professor Don Dutton, Professor Robert Kenedy, family research

A new academic journal of family research and policy has just been published by the University of York, Ontario, Canada.

The journal, edited by Professor Robert Kenedy, intends to be an annual publication. Its editorial board is drawn from Canada, the USA, England, Ireland, Israel and Australia 

It states it will examine "the transformation of the family as well as considering historical ideations and the status of the family in various cultures and societies. Children, parenting, and related issues are the focal point of this journal in order to follow the various shifts the family has taken especially over the last 40 years."

The inaugural issue includes an article by Professor Dutton of of the University of British Columbia examining "the generic bias against males ... in custody disputes ..." based on preconceptions about domestic abuse.

In Fathers and Families: A cultural enquiry, Katherine K Young and Paul Nathanson argue "not only that children need fathers but also that men need fatherhood as the one remaining source of a healthy collective identity."

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