Desert Island Discs features sidelined father
Sunday, February 17, 2013 at 8:53PM
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Cricket commentator Jonathan Agnew talked about his sadness at being sidelined from his children's lives during his Desert Island Discs interview on BBC Radio 4.

Agnew told how he felt sidelined from his children’s lives following his divorce, and said he was speaking to “stand up” for fathers in broken families.

In an emotional interview, the former England and Leicestershire player said that he had faced a “tough time” maintaining a relationship with his two daughters after divorcing from his first wife and wanted to give a voice to fathers in similar situations.

He also told how he and his second wife had made a “conscious effort” to ensure that her ex-husband maintained a relationship with his children, lunching and holidaying together, something which he said had felt “a bit weird”.

“Divorce is something I think that children feel particularly hard and what’s sad about a lot of divorces, and certainly about my divorce, is that absent fathers who really want to play a part in their children’s lives but don’t live there, they have a pretty tough time.”

“I hate seeing kids where the door opens, they’re pushed down the garden path, the car door opens and they’re bundled in and driven off. That’s not the way kids should be treated in a broken marriage.”

Agnew and his first wife divorced in 1993 after 10 years of marriage.

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