Keeping in touch when it seems impossible
Saturday, August 20, 2011 at 8:12PM
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The online forum for members of Families Need Fathers includes some really useful tips.  Here is a recent gem - you'll have to join FNF if you want to see what other people add to this list and take part in the forum.

"...  I would just like to share some tips for those who are unable to have face to face quality time with their younger Children...please add to this list...
1. There is a safe web site called that both you and your children can visit 'on line' and give gifts/send messages etc... make sure you identify yourself as a Dad (eg: CabbageDad) and only accept friends that are your Child.
2. Bird Song is a powerful tool to remind Children of how much you love them, even when you can't see them... the Pigeon call is one that dominates throughout the UK. I tell a bedside story to my young daughter of how a Dad who was a King talked to some Birds to ask them to carry a message to his Princess Daughter...all the Birds had to say was 'I Love you Livia' (This has the same rhythm of the Pigeon call) and one day whilst she was sad and looking out of the Window she heard these words and told the birds to send back the message 'I Love you Daddy' - expand on this story when you are with them!"

(thanks to PeteDad)

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